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Privacy Policy

At Big Pete’s Welding & Construction, located in Conroe, TX, we prioritize the confidentiality and security of our visitors’ and customers’ information. This Privacy Policy provides detailed insights into the nature of data we gather, its intended use, and the measures in place for its protection.

  1. Data Collection: Whenever you engage with our services or reach out to us, we might accumulate personal details such as your name, email address, phone number, and other pertinent data. This data collection aims to enhance our service offerings, understand our clients better, and streamline communication.
  2. Use of Information: The primary use of the collected data is to provide you with a tailored experience, resolve inquiries, and offer services matching your requirements. On occasion, we might also use this data for marketing or promotional purposes, ensuring you remain informed about our latest offerings.
  3. Data Security: Implementing robust security protocols, we ensure that your information is shielded against unauthorized access, theft, or inadvertent loss. We store your details in secure environments, accessible only to designated personnel.
  4. Third Parties: We have a strict policy against selling, trading, or transferring your personal data to unrelated external entities. Trusted third-party associates aiding us in website operation or business execution might access this data, but only under a confidentiality agreement.
  5. Consent & Updates: Your interaction with our website signifies your approval of this privacy policy. We recommend periodically revisiting this policy as it may undergo updates.

Should you have any queries concerning this policy, kindly reach out.

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